Saturday, May 31, 2008

British Colombia

British Colombia
-- Participant feedback survey for Telus Walk to Cure Diabetes, Friday May 30 2008

Correction: British Columbia. I was asked to select my province from a list of Canada's provinces, all of which were spelled correctly except for the one I needed to choose. I would've loved a none of the above option. Or an other option with a blank space where I could have written the province's name correctly.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

were overstocked // see on of // NON COMMISSIONED

We thought it would not happen... but it's happening and were overstocked...
-- Handy Appliances advertisement on page E14 in The Vancouver Courier, Wednesday May 28 2008

Come see on of our "NON COMMISSIONED" sales staff members today!
-- Handy Appliances website, Wednesday May 28 2008

Corrections: we're overstocked; see one of; non-commissioned (use italics or bold for emphasis, not text-yelling all-caps nor unnecessary quotation marks.)

Artichockes // Tomoatoes

  • San Remo Artichockes in Water
  • On the Vine Tomoatoes
-- Santa Barbara Market advertisement on page E08 in The Vancouver Courier, Wednesday May 28 2008

Corrections: Artichokes; Tomatoes.


-- Banana Grove Market & Deli advertisement on page E07 in The Vancouver Courier, Wednesday May 28 2008

Correction: Italian wafers

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

son of an off-duty firefighter

The son of an off-duty firefighter was found guilty yesterday of resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer during a St. Patrick’s Day donnybrook that was viewed hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube.
-- Firefighter's son guilty in Metronews Vancouver, Wednesday May 28 2008

Is the father's job title, Off-Duty Firefighter? No, therefore start the article with, The son of a firefighter..., and mention later in the article that the father was off-duty. That fact is only relevant if the father was off-duty and involved in the donnybrook, which he was, so the opening sentence/paragraph (seen above) should make that clear.

Which begs the question:

Which begs the question: Is this kid for real? And according to Tom McMillan, the [Pittsburgh] Penguins vice-president of communications and at one time a decent sports writer himself, what you see with [Sidney] Crosby is what you get. He's not an actor, not a phony, not a pitchman. He is what he is, born to do this, franchise saviour, face of hockey.
-- "Crosby's a media darling" in 24 Hours Vancouver, Tuesday May 27 2008

I've posted several errors that involve this misuse of begs the question. It does not mean what the writer above thinks it means.

how its phrased

Do you take rejection personally?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends how its phrased

-- Page 2 of 24 Hours Vancouver, Tuesday May 27 2008

I often see an apostrophe in its when it shouldn't be there; not seeing an apostrophe in its when one should be there is rare. It's likely that several thousand pairs of eyes saw this error, and didn't recognize it as such, therefore it's no wonder it's and its are used haphazardly by so many people.

Monday, May 26, 2008

uninformed buyers such as automobiles

Haggling has largely disappeared in parts of the world where the cost to haggle exceeds the gain to retailers for most common retail items. However, for expensive goods sold to uninformed buyers such as automobiles, haggling can remain commonplace.
-- Haggling on Wikipedia, Monday May 26 2008

Who knew that automobiles are uninformed buyers? I thought they regularly did oodles of research and were always very well informed. Replace automobiles with a group of people - say, Yankees fans - and see what happens..

Parking Error

-- Burnaby's Central Park, Sunday May 25 2008

It's not just touching the line or a tad over the line - that car is well over the line. Therefore I took a photo and posted it here.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


FORTUNES's 100 Best Companies to Work For
-- Whole Foods Market advertisement on page EW35 in The Vancouver Courier, Friday May 23 2008

Correction: FORTUNE's. On this webpage, see the brief blurb under the headline.


A major dealer of fine Persian carpets has been notified to relinquish all the family valuable assets; 100's of Persian silk and wool carpets, jewellery and many fine works of art to satisfy the divorce agreement.
-- Auction advertisement on page EW12 in The Vancouver Courier, Friday May 23 2008

I believe the ad is trying for hundreds of Persian silk and wool carpets, but what they got was something unknown belonging to one hundred.

20 to a 100 dollars

The author showed a turn of the century advertisement that claimed a cartoonist could make 20 to a 100 dollars a week. "That still remains true a hundred years later," he observed. The audience found the remark funnier than I did.
-- Vancouver Art Gallery Krazy! for comics in The Vancouver Courier, Friday May 23 2008

Correction: 20 to 100 dollars. However, I was taught that in published work one should write out the numbers, as in, twenty to one hundred dollars.

squatter's shacks

The best of the trilogy is the 28-minute Summer Afternoon, which follows a pair of boys on a ramble through Chinatown and a False Creek that's ringed with squatter's shacks and the beehive burners of sawmills. It's directed by Ron Kelly.
-- Historic films unearthed in The Vancouver Courier, Friday May 23 2008

Correction: Either a squatter's shacks, or, more likely, squatters' shacks.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Early bird deadline is April 15

*Early bird price. Early bird deadline is April 15.
-- Bottom of Whitecaps Soccer Camps advertisement on page E14 in The Vancouver Courier, Wednesday May 21 2008

The deadline had passed more than a month before the paper hit the street. I think it's time to update the ad.

seems to works better

I've got a pathetic bell on my bike, but shouting at them seems to works better.
-- Liking Biking: Mike on a Bike health advertisement on page E21 in The Vancouver Courier, Wednesday May 21 2008

Correction: seems to work better.

Public Dream's

Public Dream's Illuminares Lantern Procession at Trout Lake will not be lighting up Vancouver this year.
-- Lantern procession extinguished in The Vancouver Courier, Wednesday May 21 2008

Correction: Public Dreams'. Later in the article, the apostrophe is correctly placed: Public Dreams' core funding comes from.... Therefore, a 50% grade. Maybe the writer figured do it once both ways and at least it'll be correct once.

Cate Blanchette

Harrison Ford and Cate Blanchette in the latest Indiana Jones film.
-- Photo caption on page 29 in Metronews Vancouver, Thursday May 22 2008

Correction: Cate Blanchett. Her name is misspelled the same way in the pre-article box listing the three main stars of the movie.

Today - Voting or Redesigning?

Vancouver City Council voting on plan to redesign Granville Street today.
-- Bottom-of-screen tidbit on CityTV news, Thursday May 22 2008

Are they potentially redesigning the street today, or are they voting today? It's the latter, so today should be after voting. According to this site, Vancouver City Council approved "the re-design concepts and budget for the re-construction of Granville Street expected to start this Fall".

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


-- Banana Grove Market & Deli advertisement on page E07 in The Vancouver Courier, Wednesday May 21 2008

-- Meat option on Banana Grove Market & Deli's website

Corrections: TOP SIRLOIN STEAKS; PORK SIRLOIN ROAST. Though if you were face-to-face with a male lion, calling him sir - or even top sir - wouldn't be a bad thing. Especially if you were throwing steak in one direction while running in the opposite direction.

Monday, May 19, 2008


-- Leaflet menus at Splitz Grill, Sunday May 18 2008

Corrections: SPICY; COMBOS. Hundreds of these menus on the counter to take home. While I've since learned that spicey is an acceptable spelling of the word, Splitz Grill's big on-the-wall menu has the item listed as Spicy Lentil Burger. Consistency is important so I'm still including spicey as a detected error.


-- West side of Main Street between 32nd & 33rd in Vancouver, BC, Canada on May 18, 2008

Correction: AVAILABLE.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

reluctance do to interviews // fairs best

Bob Dylan has always been a great divider. To many, he's a musical genius, while to just as many he's overrated and annoying. His aloofness and reluctance do to interviews and discuss his music to any great length have made him either one of the most fascinating or confounding musicians in modern music--or both.
Of all the performances, [Cate] Blanchett has the most fun and fairs best in her role, which is modelled after the Dylan of D.A. Pennebaker's Don't Look Back.
-- Indulgent Dylans blow in the wind in The Vancouver Courier, Friday May 16 2008

Corrections: reluctance to do interviews; fares best.

our facilities offers

Conveniently located throughout the City of Vancouver to better serve you, our facilities offers accessibility to all Vancouver residents including seniors and people with disabilities.
-- Leisure Guide 2008: Summer Edition by the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

Correction: our facilities offer.

drive 25 kilmetres

Luckily for bear savvy [Brent] Case, playing dead caused the beast to lose interest and the giant predator eventually lumbered away. So did Case. Despite deep gashes, bites and being blinded by blood, Case managed to run away with a crouch, make his way to his truck and drive 25 kilmetres to the nearest gas station.
-- B.C. man tells of surviving grizzly attack on, Saturday May 17 2008

Correction: kilometres.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

14/15 .933 SV % // 19/19 1.000 SV %

-- Detroit Red Wings versus Dallas Stars game summary on TSN, Wednesday May 14 2008

Corrections: [Chris] Osgood: 19/22 .864 SV %; [Marty] Turco: 33/34 .971 SV %

Where on earth did TSN get their numbers?! Both goalies were in the net for all the goals against (so no empty netters). See here.


-- Global BC's Noon News Hour, Wednesday May 14 2008

Correction: LIVE: CRANBROOK. Near the end of the video the error is corrected. From Calgary to Cranbrook in less than thirty seconds?! Inconceivable! This is the first video on Detected Errors.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

your included

Various members of the band, your included, have either been in a relationship with, have been married to or are related to bandmate Lucy Brain. Can you dissect this for our readers at home?
-- 10 questions: Young and Sexy and the city in The Vancouver Courier, Wednesday May 14 2008

Correction: Either you included or you're included.

Vancouver Marathon Survey Errors

I ran the BMO Bank of Montreal Vancouver Half Marathon recently. In my inbox today there was an email from the organizers. They wanted me to do a survey; I did it. Here are the numerous errors I detected in the survey.

To support the Vancouver Marathon based on it's non-profit status.
-- One of several options to choose from as "Powerful" Motivators.

Correction: its.

To try and improve my marathon time.
-- One of several options to choose from as Primary Motivations to register in any future marathon event.

Correction: To try to improve...

Often British Columbia, is associated with Inuit art, coastal water, mountains and other beautiful sites. Inuit art has frequently been used on Vancouver Marathon medals, promotions, artwork, etc.
-- Intro to question about what, if any, other images should be used.

Correction: Often British Columbia is associated...

Very dissatsfied; Somewhat Dissatisfied; ...
-- Two of several optional answers to the question, How would you rate your OVERALL satisfaction with the Vancouver Marathon?

Correction: Very dissatisfied. Plus, the two dissatisfieds should have capitalisation consistency.

How would you rate the IMPORTANCE of offering the following type of activities in achieving your ultimate event experience"?
-- A survey question

Correction: Add an opening quotation mark or omit the existing one.

Overall, did participation in the Vancouver Marathon by the sponsors' mentioned in Q6 and Q7 have any impact on your perception or behavior towards them? ... Deminished perception of sponsors.
-- A survey question and one possible answer.

Corrections: sponsors (no apostrophe in plurals); Diminished.

Did you, or your friends/family, support any Vancouver community businesses, before, during or after the marathon as a result of the Vancouver Marathon?
-- A survey question

Correction: any Vancouver community businesses before, during...

2 Adidas Althletic Prize Packs; 2 VIP Vancouver Marathon Registration Prize packs including 1 entry to any of the 2009 events (excluding Team Relay), 1 photo package, 1 massage service ticket, 2 pasta party tickets, 2 VIP passes, 2 VIP receitption invites.
-- Draw prizes for filling out the survey

Corrections: 2 Adidas Athletic Prize Packs; 2 VIP reception invites.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last week a as a pinch hitter

It's a small sample size, to be sure, but [Micah] Owings does have rare pop. Last week a as a pinch hitter, he crushed a game-tying shot to the opposite field in an 8-7 win over the [Houston] Astros.
-- Snakes Alive in Sports Illustrated, Monday May 12 2008

Correction: remove the first a.

everyone else in the park, come out of your seat together

He starts his swing. And when his bat meets the ball with a crack that rattles your ears, you can't help yourself. You, and everyone else in the park, come out of your seat together with one thought. "Is he taking it all the way out?"
-- Prostate Cancer Foundation advertisement on page 63 in Sports Illustrated, Monday May 12 2008

Here's my thought: What was everyone doing in my seat?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Article About Princeton University Press Errors

Princeton U. Press Recalls Typo-Filled Book and Says It Will Reprint

Princeton University Press has recalled all copies of one of its spring titles after discovering more than 90 spelling and grammar errors in the 245-page work. The book, Cop in the Hood: My Year Policing Baltimore’s Eastern District, by Peter Moskos, was published on Thursday in an initial press run of 4,000 copies. In what appears to be a first, the press plans to reprint the book and have it back in stores later this month, after the errors have been corrected.

Mr. Moskos is an assistant professor of law, police science, and criminal-justice administration at the City University of New York’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice. From 1999 to 2001, as part of his graduate work in sociology at Harvard University, he worked as a police officer in Baltimore.

No one alleges any wrongdoing by Mr. Moskos, nor has the book’s factual substance been impugned. The errors came to light when the author’s friends and family members began sending him lists of the numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes they had noticed.

“I was flabbergasted and embarrassed,” said Peter Dougherty, the press’s director. “This is a terribly embarrassing matter for Princeton University Press.” He added, “We’re very proud of the book, which makes the embarrassment all the greater.”

He said that Mr. Moskos’s manuscript had been given to an inexperienced copy editor who failed to do the job properly. “We take a lot of pride in the quality of our copy editing,” he said, citing the publisher’s 103-year track record. “In this case, we messed up very, very badly.” Asked how much the recall would cost, Mr. Dougherty replied, “a lot.”

Mr. Moskos has been writing about the episode on his blog. In an interview, he said that he suspected the errors appeared in the original manuscript and slipped by the copy editor. The press’s response, he said, showed “a lot of professionalism.” He added, “Colleagues I’ve spoken to have said, ‘Man, I wish my publisher would correct my errors!’”

[Article found here.]

Friday, May 9, 2008

full page adds

Now there are three (possibly four if you include [Peter] Ladner) seeking support from this segment of the electorate. There's [Allan] De Genova, who jokes that his Chinese is now better than his Italian. [Raymond] Louie, the only Chinese guy in the race, has unloaded about $30,000 paying for a series of full page adds in all three major Chinese language papers. And [Sam] Sullivan, ever the cunning linguist, is frequently seen wooing this group in their native language.
-- Race for mayor up in the air in The Vancouver Courier, Friday May 9 2008

Correction: ads.


Shanghai noodles, brocolli, carrots, zucchini...
-- Business card-type with info for Mongolie Vegetarian Tofu at Mongolie Grill, May 2008

Correction: broccoli, which is spelled correctly in the food selection area. There was a large collection of these available at the front counter - a few hundred, no doubt.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

right of passage // it's a simple

In other countries it’s called the “OE” year. The year away — or the overseas experience year — for young people in Europe, Australia and New Zealand it’s a simple right of passage for a young person entering adulthood.
-- Japan enriches student’s life in Metronews Vancouver, Weekend September 14-16 2007.

Corrections: rite of passage; is a simple. Oddly, the subheadline of the article is, Experience from overseas can be a rite of passage. Go figure. Also odd: the tangible copy of this article has, is a simple. I browsed this newspaper while on my work break this morning. I didn't notice the out-of-date-edness of it until writing this post.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

first 100 Mom's shopping // Kid's Arts & Crafts

-- Kingsgate Mall advertisement on page E16 in The Vancouver Courier, Wednesday May 7 2008

Corrections: first 100 Moms shopping; Kids Arts & Crafts. Plurals = no apostrophe.

Chuck It's // Shaugnessy

30% OFF Chuck It's Dog Ball Throwers
2881 Shaugnessy Street (Corner of Lougheed & Shaugnessy)
-- Mr. Pet's advertisement on page E09 in The Vancouver Courier, Wednesday May 7 2008

Corrections: Chuck It; Shaughnessy.

walk in showers // Mothers Days Brunch // RVSP

Have you seen our newly renovated suites featuring kitchenettes and walk in showers?
Make your reservation for our famous Mothers Days Brunch.
Please RVSP to...
-- Amica at Arbutus Manor advertisement on page E21 in The Vancouver Courier, Wednesday May 7 2008

Corrections: walk-in showers; Mother's Day Brunch; RSVP.

to try and get the team

Before Sunday's game in Toronto, an unnamed player positioned two nude blowup dolls in the clubhouse with bats of the players fanning out around them - a ritual of sorts to try and get the team out of its slump.
-- Never a doll moment for White Sox, who face blowup doll backlash on Sympatico / MSN Sports, Tuesday May 6 2008

Correction: to try to get the team. Or did the writer truly mean to guarantee that they'd get out of the slump?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


-- Advertisement in The Province, Monday May 5 2008

Correction: Healthy. This ad is among the race results of the Vancouver marathon and half marathon.


-- Vancouver marathon handout

This was included in the race pick-up package for all participants of this past weekend's Vancouver marathon and half marathon.

Vancouver has it's own unique flare and flavour

Colorful, friendly, welcoming, and exciting. Vancouver has it's own unique flare and flavour. Dine, dance. shop, explore or relax. Do whatever you desire, wherever and whenever. Learn more about Vancouver's gay and lesbian events, neighborhoods and our welcoming accommodations.
-- Tourism Vancouver advertisement in Vancouver: Official Visitors' Guide, 2007-2008

The guide was included in the race pick-up package for all participants of this past weekend's Vancouver marathon and half marathon. Tourism Vancouver, you've officially disappointed me.

bib number 1458

The spectators who lined the course of Sunday's BMO Vancouver Marathon didn't need a program to recognize the familiar face that was racing by them.

But just in case they weren't sure, all they needed to do was look at the name on bib number 1458.

"We have our names on our bibs, and so people were all shouting out, 'Hey Randene, get your butt going, you didn't come here to walk,' and that is energizing," said popular 38-year-old Global BC anchor Randene Neill, who finished her first-ever marathon first among The Province's six team members in a time of 4:09.40. "The support I got throughout the race was phenomenal."
-- TV anchor shows there's room for triumph in busy life in The Province, Monday May 5 2008

The article says Randene wore bib number 1458, but in the article's accompanying pic (not available online), she is clearly wearing a bib that starts with a 1 and ends with 41, with her medal obscuring the second number.

Monday, May 5, 2008


-- Global BC's News Hour, Friday May 2 2008

Correction: Acquitted. I believe this was their second or third story, so it's very likely that thousands of viewers would have seen this inexcusable error. But, how many of the viewers noticed the spelling mistake? That's the problem: the average viewer is prone to accept what they see on a reputable news program to be the truth. The average viewer may not need to write the word acquitted any time soon, but when they do, will they spell it without a c? Or, unlike Global, will they first do a spellcheck? Or even crack open a dictionary?

Saturday, May 3, 2008


-- Well-heeled developer announces city council bid in The Vancouver Courier, Friday May 2 2008

Correction: Political. Editable online version now has a subheadline identical to the headline. That is neither easier nor better than adding the missing i.

citing low wages and unpaid time cited as key issues

A union for private school faculty wants to expand into Vancouver's dozens of ESL schools citing low wages and unpaid time cited as key issues.
-- Speaking plainly (table of contents) in The Vancouver Courier, Friday May 2 2008

Correction: Either change citing to with, or omit cited.

commentary by Reeves

There are tons of special features, including a very thorough making-of featurette which breaks down the shoot by date, Cloverfield Visual Effects and I Saw It! It's Alive! It's Huge!, J.J. Abrams' story of getting the idea during a trip to Japan. There are deleted scenes, Clover Fun (bloopers) and two slightly different endings, complete with commentary by Reeves.
-- Cloverfield (Hand-held thrills, one-eyed beauty in The Vancouver Courier, Friday May 2 2008

Correction: commentary by Matt Reeves, Cloverfield's director. Use last-name-only only after having used the full name earlier. The first mention of Reeves is with the very last word of the article.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Jason Kuryto

Meanwhile, back in Vancouver, another young boy couldn't shake the original film from his head.

"I was 10 years old when the first film came out," says Jason Kuryto, who now owns and operates Kick-Start Cardio, a company that provides fitness and wellness programs for corporate clients here in the city.

"Pretty much every major event that happened through my teens - my first kiss, first time bungee-jumping, first time public speaking - I had the Indiana Jones soundtrack running through my head. I've got most, if not all, of the first two movies memorized line for line."

Kuryto first heard about Strompolos' film, Raiders: The Adaptation, when he read about the trio in a 2004 Vanity Fair article.
-- Lost and found in 24 Hours Vancouver, Friday May 2nd 2008

Correction: Jason Kurylo. He's a good friend of mine who has organized a fantastic event - Raiders: The Adaptation - that goes down tonight. In this article his name is misspelled all four times mentioned.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


-- Famous Foods advertisement on page E44 in The Vancouver Courier, Wednesday April 30th 2008

Correction: Hawaiian. Located at top-centre of back page.

celebrating it's 50th anniversary

Calling all Streetsville secondary grads. SSS is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary on June 6th and 7th, 2008.
-- Classifieds Announcements on page E35 in The Vancouver Courier, Wednesday April 30th 2008

Correction: its. Still clumsy after all these years.

20th Grad Renunion

20th Grad Renunion for Class of 1988 Windermere Secondary School...
-- Classifieds Announcements on page E35 in The Vancouver Courier, Wednesday April 30th 2008

Correction: Reunion.

PEN Forum

Queens of the Stone Age are back for a show at the PEN Forum April 30.
-- Whine whine whine (in seven days ahead) in The Vancouver Courier, Wednesday April 30th 2008

Correction: PNE Forum


Monday's towel blitz was part of a larger effort called the YouProtocal campaign, which calls on individuals to take the environment into their own hands, instead of leaving its protection solely up to governments and industry.
-- Environmentalists wring hands over paper waste in The Vancouver Courier, Wednesday April 30th 2008

Correction: YouProtocol. But, hey - its is correct!

$78,567,245 to it employees

The city paid out a total of $78,567,245 to it employees earning more than $75,000 per year. Another $217,040,655 went to all other employees who earned less than $75,000.
-- City manager rolling in almost $300,000 in The Vancouver Courier, Wednesday April 30th 2008

Two options: its or IT (Information Technology). My guess: its.